Antony (Tony) Robinson
Managing Director

Antony Robinson was appointed to the Board on 13 July 2015 and was appointed Managing Director on 16 May 2019. Mr Robinson has significant experience in wealth management and insurance, including Managing Director of Centrepoint Alliance Limited, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of IOOF Holdings Ltd and OAMPS Limited, joint Managing Director of Falkiners Stockbroking, Managing Director of WealthPoint, and senior executive positions at Link Telecommunications and Mayne Nickless.

Mr Robinson’s appointment carries with it the responsibility to ensure that finances and decision-making are robust and the business is aligned to the growth strategy of the Board. Mr Robinson is a Director of three ASX listed entities being Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, Pacific Current Group Limited and Longtable Group Limited and holds a number of directorships of private companies.

John Dwyer
Executive Director

John Dwyer was appointed to the Board on 10 December 2010. Mr Dwyer has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry, spending time with QBE as a Regional Underwriting Manager, commencing a joint venture with OAMPS Insurance Brokers Limited and eventually becoming Eastern Region Manager (NSW & ACT).

As Director of Broking across the PSC Insurance Group, Mr Dwyer brings specialist business integration and practical operational skills pivotal to a growing business. Mr Dwyer has not held directorships of other listed companies in the last three years.

Joshua Reid
Chief Financial Officer

Joshua Reid joined the Company in January 2015. Mr Reid has 20 years’ experience working in a variety of senior positions in the banking and finance industry. The majority of Mr Reid’s career was with Macquarie Bank, where he developed their acquisition funding approach for the insurance broking industry, held senior risk management roles and had extensive experience with principal transactions. Mr Reid plays a lead role in executing on the long term strategic goals of the Company, including leading the finance team, acquisition due diligence, business planning and ensuring a sound funding structure.

Rohan Stewart
Group Chief Executive Officer

Rohan Stewart joined the Company in 2009. Mr Stewart has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, working in a range of insurance brokerages and underwriters. Mr Stewart has extensive experience in improving business efficiencies and administration, progressing to senior roles with Zurich International and Zurich Financial Services, joining Horsell International as an Executive Director in 2004 and joining PSC when acquired in 2009.

As Group Chief Executive Officer at PSC, Mr Stewart manages the day-to-day management of the Group including responsibility for key national insurer relationships. Mr Stewart brings specialist business integration and practical operational experience to the Group and works closely with John Dwyer on the operational imperatives across the group.

Stephen Abbott
Company Secretary

Stephen Abbott was appointed Company Secretary on 18 May 2015, having joined the PSC Insurance Group in March 2012. Mr Abbott has over 35 years experience in accounting and finance both within industry and commerce and professional services firms with the last 12 years in insurance broking.

Julia Mitchell
Group Manager Governance and Compliance

Julia Mitchell was appointed Group Manager Governance and Compliance in 2018, having joined the Company in January 2012. Ms Mitchell has over 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry and is admitted as a solicitor in NSW. As Group Manager Governance and Compliance, Ms Mitchell is responsible for maintaining the necessary internal governance and compliance framework/environment to support the business and provides advice to PSC’s Board, CEO and broader leadership team. Prior to joining PSC Ms Mitchell worked in private practice as a solicitor and held various positions in the insurance sector working for both international and local insurers.