Shareholding details

If you have any questions regarding your shareholding please contact Link Market Services.If you wish to access your personal holding information or update your personal details and you know your holder number please ‘click’ here.

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Link Market Services LimitedTower 4, 727 Collins Street, DOCKLANDS VIC 3008

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Link Market Services LimitedLocked Bag A14, SYDNEY SOUTH NSW 1235 AUSTRALIA


Australia & International: +61 1300 306 089(local call cost within Australia)Facsimile: +61 2 9287 0303Website: Link Market Services

Managing your PSI investment and communications online

You can access and even update information about your holdings in PSC Insurance Group Limited online securely via our share registry at using your Security holder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) as well as your surname (or company name) and postcode (must be the postcode recorded on your holding record).Recent legislative changes to the Corporations Act 2001 effective 1 April 2022 means there are new options available to you as a securityholder as to how you elect to receive your communications. We will no longer send you a hard copy notice of meeting unless you request to receive one.We encourage you to provide your email address so we can communicate with you electronically when securityholder notices become available online for such items as notice of meetings, dividend statements and annual reports. You can make a standing election to receive some or all of your securityholder communications in physical or electronic form.To review or update your current communication preference simply logon to our share registry at You will need your portfolio log in details or your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) and select the Communications tab at the top of the page.Actions you can undertake online are:

  • Check your current and previous holding balances
  • Aggregate multiple holdings
  • Choose your preferred annual report option
  • Update your address details
  • Update your bank details
  • Elect to participate or not participate in the Company’s DRP (when operating)
  • Confirm whether you have lodged your TFN, ABN or exemption
  • Enter your email address and update your communications preferences
  • Subscribe to email announcements
  • Check transaction and dividend history
  • Check the share prices and graphs
  • Download a variety of instruction forms.

Tax File Numbers (TFN)

PSI is obliged to deduct tax from unfranked or partially franked dividends paid to shareholders registered in Australia who have not provided their TFN. A form to advise your TFN is available on the Link Market Services website at

Withholding tax

PSI is obliged to deduct non-resident withholding tax from the unfranked portion of dividends paid to non Australian resident shareholders. The rate of withholding tax will vary depending on the jurisdiction the dividend payment is made to. The majority of our overseas shareholders are residents of UK or New Zealand and at the present time (June 2022) withholding tax on those payments is at the rate of 15%.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Dividends

Direct Credit of Dividend Payments

Australian and New Zealand residents

Australian and New Zealand resident shareholders can only have dividends paid by direct credit to a nominated Australian or New Zealand financial institution. If no payment instructions are on file your dividend payment will be withheld until such time as instructions are received but also noting the below information on unclaimed monies. Payments are electronically credited on the dividend payment date and confirmed by payment advices mailed / emailed directly to the shareholder. You can enter, or update your Financial Institution details online or via the form for this purpose at the Link Market Services website

UK and other residents

For the present PSI continue to pay dividends to shareholders outside of Australia and New Zealand by cheque. These cheques are drawn in Australian dollars. Experience has shown that with mailing times and bank clearance of these cheques it can be sometime before a shareholder receives the benefit of the dividend. In some jurisdictions, including the UK, foreign currency cheques are becoming increasingly difficult to bank as banks withdraw this service.

PSI does offer direct credit of overseas dividends through two methods:

  • UK residents – UK Direct Credit. Can be set-up online subject to value of holding restrictions. Otherwise a form can be obtained from Link Market Services.
  • OFX foreign currency transfer (requires OFX account to be established). For more details refer to the Link Market Services website site. Separate terms and conditions apply to the operation of an OFX account and these must be agreed to when setting up the account.How do I use OFX to receive my dividends?

Unclaimed dividends

Unclaimed dividends are required to be paid to the Victorian Government State Trustee under the Unclaimed Monies Act. Unclaimed monies can be both unpresented dividend cheques and withheld dividends (where mandatory direct credit applies and no instructions have been received). This process will occur approximately 18 months after the date of payment of the dividend or date the dividend payment would have been made. For, Australian, New Zealand and UK residents direct credit details can be confirmed by visiting